Baiser Beauty

Clean Beauty is The Future.   Beauty is about honoring ourselves. Baiser is a movement created by two young women that empowers everyone’s unique natural beauty by respecting nature and all living beings.   Spiritual Skincare.   The purpose of our company is to harmonize our physical and spiritual energy through each product we develop, while balancing our mind body and spirit with aromatherapy and Maya Medicine.   Maya Heritage.   It is important for us to preserve the traditions of wellness and health of our ancestors.  Every creature on earth is part of a whole, nature is what connects us all as one and through nature we find all the cures and nourishments for our body. Maya medicine, is part of our heritage, we want to connect you to nature so that everyone that tries our products can experience beauty from within and out.   Giving Back.   A percentage of every sale is donated to our Love You More foundation, dedicated to creating consciousness about respecting our planet and all it’s living creatures.   We support organizations that care for the animals, the environment and human beings through activist movements and fund raising.  Creating a connection of gratefulness within everyone that gets involved in our brand, while integrating every element necessary for the balance, nourishment and evolution of ourselves.   The Baiser Girl is You and Me.   She is the girl that is awaking to a more conscious state of mind, she wants to respect the planet and all living creatures, including herself. She loves who she is, a unique and imperfect human being and feels a strong connection with nature.