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Ali is the girl boss in charge of Brand and Culture at JugoFresh, one of the youngest and most successful business in Miami. 
Dive right into this inspiring interview.

What does it mean to work with such an inspiring local business and what has been the most rewarding experience?

It means three things: crazy experiences, lots of fun and opportunity. When you work for a young and rapidly growing company, you have to adapt every day and wear a lot of different hats.  You learn a ton and become comfortable with your mistakes, appreciating the slip ups result in growth. At jugofresh, if you have the drive, there’s always opportunities to learn and grow. I’m beyond thankful for Matthew Sherman, our founder, and the opportunities  he’s given me over the years.

The most rewarding aspect is witnessing the growth of our people and their continued evolvement. It makes my heart full. I love our jugofresh family so much! Everyone is different and able to present unique perspectives. We all get along, support one another and get sh%$ done while managing to laugh nonstop along the way. I’m also so proud that we have several women in leadership positions.

Describe a typical day in your workspace.

I work in brand, training and culture, and a “typical day” doesn’t exist. One day, I can be creating training materials and brainstorming new menu items and the next, I can be leading a staff training and researching ways to improve our company culture. I do love the constant change because it allows me to work with everyone in the company and I’m constantly learning from them all.

What is your ultimate secret weapon to get your work done?

Work from home! When I’m working from a jugofresh shop or at our headquarters, I get too involved trying to assist with everything and that can be counterproductive for me. At home, I’m more focused and calm. My home is surrounded by lush greenery so it almost feels like a relaxing little treehouse. I have my coffee, take a few minutes to meditate and then go for it. I’m able to work quickly and am full of creativity.

A few tips:

  1. Don’t check your email mid task. Set aside certain times to touch base.  
  2. Take a few breaks and walk around, do handstands (allows the blood to rush to your head) and always have snacks!
  3. When you’re working on a larger task, switch to something fresh for a bit and then head back. You’ll return refreshed and with new ideas.

Favorite hidden treasure on Netflix.

I’m more of a Crackle girl. Mainly because of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” I’m obsessed with comedy and the ridiculousness that is comedians. This show is my 20-minute break from reality and I love to enjoy it with coffee (duh!) and my boyfriend. We laugh and then spend the day recalling all the jokes.

You have amazing skin! It must be all the fresh juices. Can you give us any health/natural beauty/feng shui tips?

It may very well be the juice, because I don’t do much else! My only must-dos are cleansing, toning and moisturizing. And I try to toss a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in my water every day.