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Baiser Beauty Interview Series - Get Inspired - Jana Rose Carrero Oj and Cigs Fashion Blogger

Ashley is the kind of gal that can build an epic store and be a Mom at the same time. Read the interview to peek into her life.

We absolutely adore your store. Tell us what inspired
 you to open Spin Gallery?

Girls like you. I wanted to establish a creative outlet where women can feel confident and be part of a like-minded and inspirational community. I wanted to achieve that with the clothes they wear, pushing their creative boundaries with workshops and feature them as the face of our brand showcasing their true beauty and quirks. 

What’s your creative process when it comes to curating all the pieces for Spin?

It's like I'm shopping for myself. I get inspired by my surroundings and the relationships I build with everyone who walks through the door. I love to bring a lot of elevated and relatable basic pieces with a mix of styles you can't find anywhere else. My favorite part and challenge when buying for the store is figuring out ways to fully maximize that one piece and create different kinds of looks.

You are a young mom and an entrepreneur. How do you find balance between work and life?

Forget routine. I really don't know what that is. As much as I would love to be a bit more "structured" (I bought an agenda for 2017 and it's one of my goals to track my daily habits and plan things out) I'm more of a go with the flow and see where it goes kind of gal. That's where I ironically find my balance. But there are a few key things I stick to in order to stay sane. 
Church, definitely. Dates with my husband and enjoying a glass of wine together while catching up on our crazy day. going for a walk in the neighborhood with my son because the weather is perfect. Or taking some time off on my days off to just stay quiet and relax. Also....a quick trip to the keys always puts me in a good place.

What's the best thing about being a boutique owner in the emerging Wynwood Art District?

THE PEOPLE. There is a lot of tourism in the area and I love to know more about people and their stories. You have a lot of different styles, personalities and it all together creates this beautiful neighborhood that almost has no rules.

What piece from your store are you obsessed with at the moment?

Many people don't know that literally everything is for sale in the store. From the wall decor to the plants scattered around. There are a lot of locally designed pieces and home goods, such as the clothing racks which I made them myself. Every time I walk in I'm reminded of the hard work and labor put into every detail of the store. So I'd have to say, that's my favorite piece.