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Guest post by Marilyn Mars

Why is there this big stigma, with girls not wearing bras and being considered promiscuous? Since puberty we are told that we have to wear bras. I remember being told that guys will stare at you differently if I didn’t wear one. Differently being code word for sexualized. I didn’t know what I was being protected from or why that was even such a thing to worry about. How sad is it that at a young age we instill this fear of self-image at such an early age. How crazy is it that we simply allow this behavior of men to dictate how we are raised and what we are supposed to do with our own bodies.

Wearing bras are a great and not wearing bras are great too. This article isn’t supposed to convince you to do one or the other. It is simply standing up for our freedom of choice and shedding light on a conversation that should always be available.

I was raised mainly by mother who gave me a lot of freedom with my choices in life and how I choose to express myself, therefore I never had an authority figure of any kind tell me what I should and shouldn’t be doing with my own body. It was my junior year of college when the staff of my school was repeatedly picking on me. I'll never forget the day I was called into the deans office to be told that a professor of mine was feeling uncomfortable with the fact that I do not wear a bra. Her voice sounded sweet as if she was talking to a naïve girl yet her subtext was pouring with overall scrutiny. All I could do in that moment was sit there and take it all in. I was scared to speak up on something that was clearly so messed up.

I am kind of what you call a goody two shoes, I never really have problems with people and I almost always follow the rules. To have someone call that to my attention was shocking for me. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong other than my professor sexualizing me. Yet somehow I was the one to blame. My biggest problem that people have when it comes to others not wearing a bra is that they think it is unprofessional. Oh, I went to an art school by the way.

But what is it about not wearing a bra deems unprofessionalism?

The truth is nothing. What is really unprofessional is when men use it as excuses to diminish you as a sexual object because they just cant do their jobs. There is nothing wrong with not wearing a bra. There is something wrong with people who sexualize you and act like they don’t have nipples or pretend boobs have this hypnotic force that harasses them to stare. Nobody should be told what not to wear. If you are in a nice blouse and slacks at work but are not wearing a bra; why and how is it not considered professional? Why should women have to fight for their place as professionals just because they do not want to wear a piece of lingerie under a shirt? Now, if you came to work shirtless, then yes I can see the problem. I think society has progressed a lot compared to our history and women in the workplace. But I think this goes beyond just women. Professional standards should be reviewed to fit a more realistic setting. For example, having tattoos and not wearing a bra shouldn’t be factors of defining professionalism. I understand that boobs and nipples in the female anatomy are sexual organs, this is true but if you are not in a sexual setting then you just have to control your desires as every other woman does in their workplace. There is just no excuse. The fact that there has been this invisible throne that man have abused to protect their sexual thoughts are simply unfair and old news.

Not wearing a bra does not give you the right to assume that I want or will do anything sexual for you. It doesn’t mean that I will fulfill whatever fantasy you have either. I choose to not wear a bra because I simply do not want too. I don’t have to prove or justify that choice to get validation from anyone. I am not looking for approval nor do I need it. I choose to not wear a bra because I am confident as a woman; a woman who embraces her spiritual and majestic body as a gift and not an object. I choose to not wear a bra because I am still as educated and refined with or without one on. I choose to not wear a bra because I will not let an article of clothing define my character or measure my intelligence. I choose to not wear a bra because I am free.

The ignorance of others, lack of respect, or assumptions will not phase my ethereal beauty.

Nor do you need to keep explaining yourself to people who will only understand you from their level and capacity of perception.

You can choose to wear a bra because it makes you feel sexy and empowered and comfortable and you can chose to not wear a bra for the exact same reasons but please don’t choose which one your going to respect and coexist with.


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“Millennial” has probably been one of the biggest buzzword in the past couple of years. It seems that everyone wants to either praise, criticize or examine them from every angle possible, and it’s fairly understandable why this is the case. They are a remarkably interesting generation that holds perhaps diametrically opposing views from the older generations, whether the topic is politics, environment, lifestyle choices or even spending habits.

That brings us to today – yes, we are examining two of the most interesting and juicy topics de jour – millennials and beauty. Beauty used to be walking into a department store such as Macy’s, trying on a few items on their beauty counter, and even though women were always interested in looking their best, new releases, new shades, comparing products was rarely a topic of conversation. Enter millennials, who don’t only make up for a large portion of the $13 billion cosmetics industry, but have actually impacted the industry in more ways than one. So, millennials are reportedly twice as likely to be heavy buyers and account for 47% of all major purchases.

This is no small percentage, and it definitely deserves a closer look, so let’s uncover how and where all this money is being spent.

Beauty over fashion

One of the more surprising revelations is that millennials are virtually abandoning clothes and putting their money in makeup and skincare products. According to Business Insider, department stores such as Macy’s, Banana Republic and many others are being beaten by the beauty industry. In fact, beauty beats everything, as it’s on the top of the list, while cellphones and Uber come third.

They crave a good experience

The reason departments stores have taken a huge hit and stores such as Sephora and Ulta are thriving is simply because unlike department stores, they actually offer a great shopping experience. Both of these stores offer services such as makeup classes and makeovers and Ulta even has salons. Aside from that, these are the places where you can always ask and receive a sample, which is another thing millennials love. Makeup is pricey, so you want the luxury of testing out a product before you commit to purchasing it. If you think about it, this is a very smart and even frugal move.

Prevention comes first

Not such a long time ago, special attention to skincare, especially anti-aging skincare was paid by those who have already started noticing signs of aging. Oh, how the tables have turned. We don’t know whether Western women have taken a cue from those in Asia, particularly the eternally youthful Korean women, but more and more young women, even younger than 25, have already begun using anti-aging products from the great and renowned Aspect Dr skin care line. It has been visible, even on the runways, that nourished and pampered bare faces are the future, as well as minimal makeup, and the truth of the matter is, as frugal as millennials are (as they do have a lot on their plate) they aren’t afraid of spending a good deal of their disposable income on great skincare.

Holistic and green

In addition to openly preferring organic and natural products, millennials are aware that beauty doesn’t just come from using topical solutions, which is why an increasing number of them has adopted a holistic approach to beauty and skincare. According to ancient Ayurvedic teachings, there is an inextricable bond between the gut and skin, and that is precisely why aside from amazing topical products, millennials have experienced a mental shift and turned towards the pursuit of wellness and mindful living, as all of this doesn’t only increase the quality of life, but it shows on the skin as well.

Millennials do care

These are the words of Kat Von D, one of the ladies whose brand is killing it in the beauty industry. What do they care for exactly? They care about animals, the environment, which is why they are increasingly turning to new, independent brands such as Kat Von D, Tarte, Fenty Beauty and other ‘younger’, cruelty-free and vegan brands like Baiser Beauty and slowly but steadily abandoning older ‘more renowned brands’.

Brick-and-mortar isn’t dead

While being incredibly tech-savvy comes in really handy when you want to check online reviews, compare prices for the same product at different stores and hunt for discount codes, it comes as a bit of a surprise that many millennials still love the in-store experience and are more likely to actually purchase the product in a real store, at least when they’re buying it for the first time. It’s all about testing the goods, but online shopping comes at a close third spot, right behind Sephora and drugstores.

What do they love?

The list of some of the most beloved beauty and skincare products include face luminizers, highlighters for that craved dewy-look that everyone is raging about, as well as cream blushes and eye shadow pallets. Most importantly, millennials are considering makeup products that emphasize their own unique natural beauty instead of covering up their face with layers of harmful products, advocating for that strong message of self love that's been spreading across social media. A very positive shift. Overall, they choose brands that are vegan, cruelty free, and that are responsible towards the environment.

When it comes to skincare, people are still crazy about sheet masks, and of course, the inevitable incredible face oils, such as the Formula N°8 Revitalizing Face Oil that has become a staple in every girl’s skincare arsenal. Skin serums aren’t far behind, with moisturizers coming in third place in the skincare competition.

Written by Sophia Smith



Despite its well-documented importance, self-care remains a misunderstood term by many people who associate it with luxury or self-indulgence. Generations of Americans have grown up with the notion that hard work and self-sacrifice are the most important virtues a person can exhibit. In recent years, the physical and mental fallout of that mindset has revealed some deep cracks in the old Protestant work ethic. Self-care is a far-reaching idea that doesn’t stop with your daily jog around the neighborhood. It’s a commitment to caring for your mental and emotional needs and taking time to do things that energize you, activities you start thinking about when that 3:30 meeting at work makes your eyes go glassy.

A good relationship with yourself

Self-care is how you feel when you’re feeling relaxed reading a book or watching your favorite movie. It’s anything that makes you feel good about yourself and positive about your life. Self-care is something everyone needs, and if you don’t have it in your life, you feel its absence even though you may not be able to put your finger on it. Observing self-care is a way of recognizing that your needs are just as important as anyone else’s. The benefits are self-confidence and a general sense of well-being.


Self-care is how we alleviate the stress that comes from working every day and dealing with situations and crises that arise every now and then. This may be the most important benefit of self-care. It’s how we separate ourselves from everyday pressures so that they don’t define us. It’s why we should always work to live and not live to work, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Go natural

Spending time in nature is an excellent way to reduce stress and recalibrate your priorities. People who spend time hiking in the woods or going for a jog on the beach put themselves in an environment where contemplation and personal reflection come much easier. Interacting with nature reminds us what’s important in our lives and why there’s real value to all that pressure we deal with every day of the week. If you’re having trouble maintaining a sense of perspective, take an afternoon to walk through the woods and just let your thoughts wander free.

Sign off social media

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are good ways to stay in touch, but they can easily become an unhealthy obsession. If you don’t believe it, consider the fact that 67 percent of smartphone owners check for messages even when their device doesn’t prompt them. Self-care sometimes means separating from the chaos of the world and focusing on yourself. Doing so means shutting off the endless stream of stimuli that comes from social media and using the time to concentrate on your thoughts and feelings. So do yourself a favor and put the mobile devices away for a few hours every week and just enjoy the contentment and satisfaction of living in the moment.


Self-care is especially important if you’re in addiction recovery. You need time to yourself, to make sense of your life and concentrate on maintaining your sobriety. Many people in recovery find it helpful to learn meditation or take a yoga class, activities that force you to focus on your thoughts and work toward achieving inner peace.

There are many aspects of daily life that challenge our ability to cope. Some people ignore the need to seek solace in individual pursuits, and suffer for ignoring the need for self-care. It’s a pleasurable way to work off stress by focusing on yourself and on what gives you joy.

Written by author Brad Krause


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 Baiser Beauty Mother's Day Gift Guide

It’s no secret that we’re all about women here at Baiser. But when May rolls around, it gives us an excuse to be that much more celebratory of the power of women, so in honor of Mother's Day, we’re going to give you the ultimate Mothers Day gift guide for every mom out there. 

Mothers day has a particularly interesting history, originating, like many things, from the Ancient Greeks, in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. The Mothers Day we know today however, we can thank a long list of women for;(honestly what can't we thank women for?) Ann Reeves Jarvis, daughter-Anna Jarvis, Julia Ward Howe, Juliet Calhoun Blakely, and Mary Towles Sasseen, to name a few. What started out as an Ancient Greek tradition, transcended to a Christian celebration during lent, “Mothering Sunday” as it was originally called, and turned into a national holiday especially thanks to Anna Jarvis.  Conceived as a way of honoring the sacrifices mothers have made for their children, Jarvis organized the first official celebration in May 1908 and Mothers Day was official declared a national holiday in 1914. One hundred and ten years later, Jarvis’ hard work and determination to see the holiday be put on the national calendar, has more than paid off. Though she never married or had children, Anna Jarvis admiration for her mother, and all mothers across the country, pushed her to take a stand against a male dominated society and shed light on the wonders that mothers do every day; a lesson many of us can learn from, and pass down to our future generations. 

For Mothers day this year, spend a little extra time with your mothers, give them a little bit tighter of hug when you greet them and say goodbye, tell them what makes them so special, and if you’re feeling extra thankful, treat them to a special gift from Baiser Beauty. There’s no better way to show your mothers how much they mean to you than with little acts of kindness and giving them a break every once in a while. What more perfect way to pamper the women who mean the most to you than with all-natural, 100% organic ingredients that have been spiritually charged to empower, and inspire? 

For the Zen Mom, our Healing Mist Set, Moonstone Perfume, and Chakra Box are great ways to relax and provide the amazing healing properties of crystals. Our Chakra Box also comes with a beginner guide to chakras, stones, and techniques for your meditation!  

For the Mom That Deserves To Be Pampered, our Rose Healing Soap, Rose Vibrations Collection set, and our new BeautyFesto Oil, create the most luxurious spa session right in the comfort of your own home. Our BeautyFesto Oil launched just in time for Mothers Day, and it makes the perfect gift! Made from seven different flowers including chamomile and ylang-ylang to bring out her feminine power, theres no better way to show your mothers how much the mean to you than with our most luxurious body oil yet. Bonus! Buy the BeautyFesto Book to complete your mothers day gift and give your mothers 21 days of manifesting their most inspiring, empowering, and beautiful selves. 

For the mom who loves to play with her look, the lumineaux, dewy set, and lip balm-plum, are amazing gifts with zero toxins, to bring out her natural beauty. The lip balm doubles as an exfoliator and provides a refreshing plum tint!