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Baiser Beauty Blog - 10 Tips for a Peaceful Home


Color impacts you on an emotional, psychological and physical level. Studies have shown that color can change body temperature and appetite. It can affect your mood or level of energy. Begin to become aware of how different colors impact you before determining what hue to paint your walls. For example, blue attracts creativity and prosperity, and green creates a feeling of new life in a room.

Feng Shui

An ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.

Nurture Nature

Plants are important for many reasons when designing a restorative home. Not only is an additional way to bring nature into your home, it also helps to clean and re-oxygenate the indoor air. Incorporating plants into your design will help to eliminate the noxious off-gasses from many products giving you a serene sigh of relief.

Positive Vibrations

Crystal energy is the power that crystals naturally give off and that you are able to use to heal yourself. You can apply the metaphysical properties of these more powerful crystals, as you learn how you can use them to heal yourself. It is a great advantage to have natural crystals of any sort in your environment, and the stones with a higher vibration are powerful aids to move you forwards in your life. Some crystals have higher frequencies, and their strong energy fields can be used to raise our home vibration. For example, clear quartz has a cleansing energy.

Tech Areas

Allocating spaces to play in, rest in and work in will help you unconsciously move from one activity to another with ease and grace. Design a layout within your home with designated areas for various activities. This creates an automatic cue to your subconscious informing you that it is time for a specific activity. This will help to construct a space that supports balance and harmony.

The 5 elements

to really embrace nature in your home, make sure all five elements are represented. They are: water (images of water, a fountain, flowers in a bowl of water), earth (stone, plants), fire (candles, incense, fireplace), metal (furniture, tools) and wood (furniture, beams).

Flower power

Live flowers are sure the best choice for your home, as they bring a strong healing energy; but images of flowers or high quality silk flowers are often used in Feng Shui, too. In addition to the energy of beauty and grace, flowers also bring a flourishing, good luck and numerous blessings, quality of Chi to any home.

Music is the Answer

With good reason is music considered a timeless method to unwind. Today, scientific research shows that certain kinds of music possess innate healing qualities. Tune into those magical strains to experience what the ancients knew about the healing power of relaxing music. Try listening to classic music or Liquid mind music (To learn more about how music influences your mind read our article here.) 

Declutter and get organized

Take the time to go through every closet, drawer and cupboard and whittle down your belongings to the ones you truly need, love or both, a weight lifts. Daily tasks that used to take forever are streamlined; lost items are quickly found; important dates are no longer missed. 

Natural Scents

What you smell can have a surprisingly strong effect on how you feel. Create a purifying, calming atmosphere in your home by eschewing artificial fragrances and choosing natural scents like those from candles, essential oils, natural cleaning products and fresh garden flowers instead. 
Try getting a diffuser for your home and add some drops of lavender essential oil or purify essential oil to get a more relaxing atmosphere.