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Baiser Beauty Blog - End of The Year Cleansing Ritual. 

You will need:
White Candle


  1. Create some peaceful time for yourself. Set your mind and ask the universe for divine assistance in this process.
  2. Now, make a list of any negative aspects of your own actions in this past year on which you feel bad or you think it’s not flowing as it should. In other words, list all the things that evoke a sense of negativity.
  3. Offer that list to the fire and watch it burn. Release any judgment and imagine how as everything burns, it releases you with a sense of peace and  restfulness.
  4. Now make a list of all the qualities within that you really like about yourself. Pin this list over your mirror or in a place where you can see it every day. Grow the good!
  5. Release more negativity. List all the people or institutions you feel have wronged you. Add the why’s and how’s, if you like, but keep it short.
  6. Offer that list to the fire and watch it burn. Release any judgments.
  7. Ask the Angels to help you open up to compassion and forgiveness. You don’t need to like what happened, but it does not serve you to hold on. This may take some time, but remember by letting go, you will lose many things but you will find yourself and it will open up space for the new and positive to come into your life.
  8. Observe your feelings and tune into your body. Do you feel a little lighter? Honor even subtle changes.
  9. Wrap your arms around yourself with a warm hug of gratitude and appreciation. You have progressed on your path of letting go and thus made room for the new.
  10. Let your candle finish as a way of cleansing the old and welcoming the new.

Welcome 2017 with a cleansed heart, a peaceful mind and a positive attitude. You can do anything you want.

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