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There are many chakra centers in our physical body and Aura. If our chakras store too much unwanted energy, our physical body may begin to manifest dis-harmony and discomfort.

As you go about your daily activities you collect energy, some positive and some negative. It is not something that can be avoided. Collecting and storing energy within your physical body can be kept to a minimum. Energy can also be cleansed and balanced bringing energy centers, your body and your Aura back into alignment. 

Releasing unwanted energy is essential to your physical health, and also in cleansing your Spirit and balancing your emotions. As you release lower vibrational energy, your Spirit, thoughts and emotions discharge all that is not needed for your overall health.

Here is a quick review of the 7 major Chakra energy centers and their locations
Crown – located just above the top of your head.
Third Eye – located in the center of your forehead just above the eyebrows.
Throat – located in the space where there is a small depression at the base of your neck.
Heart – located in the center of your upper chest between the breast bones.
Solar Plexus – located just above your navel.
Sacral – located just below your navel.
Root or Basic – located at the base of your spine.

Cleaning the Chakras

Peacock rock is one stone with the capability of cleansing and detoxing each of your Chakras individually. Once each Chakra has been thoroughly cleansed, Peacock rock then aligns all your energy centers simultaneously. As you and your energy centers are aligned, your entire physical body and all your energy fields are also aligned and integrated one with the other for optimal health and vitality.

Fluorite is another incredible mineral which has the capability of aligning your entire physical, mental and emotional energy bodies with your Aura and Ethereal energy fields.

To begin self-healing

  • Gather together a large specimen of Peacock rock, a good size piece of Fluorite and your Clear Quartz healing crystals. 
  • Put on soft music in the background to occupy the ego-mind chatter, allowing you to release all the stresses of the day.
  • Lay on a flat surface face up. Place the Peacock Ore at your Crown Chakra, Fluorite on your Solar Plexus and hold your Clear Quartz healing crystals in your hands. 
  • The crystal in your left hand faces your wrist while the point in your right hand faces outward towards your fingers.
  • Visualize white light starting to flow into your Crown Chakra down into the Peacock Ore and through your body all the way to your toes and flowing down into Mother Earth. 
  • Rest in the stillness for a few moments and begin to visualize each of your energy centers clear, balanced and spinning in total harmony one with the other. 
  • The Fluorite, which has been placed on your Solar Plexus, begins to infuse your physical body and your energy centers, integrating and aligning your entire Be-ing.
  • Once you have completed your self-healing treatment session, remember to re-charge the crystals and minerals by rinsing them in cool water and placing them in the Sun for a few hours.

This simple, yet very successful technique is most effective when done at least once a week. If you are a healer or Light-Worker, you may choose to perform this method of self-healing more often. Keeping your energy balanced is very important to your overall health, enabling you to receive messages and guidance from Angels and from Spirit much more easily.