Baiser Beauty


DIY'SBaiser Beauty

This fun DIY will walk you through the steps to create your own gem stone soaps infused with a delicious essential oil aroma. 

You will need
Silicone mold
Glycerin in cubes
Plumeria essential oil
Glycerin in small pieces
Vegetable coloring

In a small cup mix mica and glycerin pieces. Set aside to use later.
Put the glycerin cubes in a small pan and melt.
Add 5 drops of Plumeria essential oil, and mix.
Add 2 drops of vegetable coloring and mix again.
Add small glycerin pieces, mix.
Pour the mixture in the silicone mold.
Let it cool for 30 minutes and remove from mold.
Then carve your favorite gem stone shape.

Voila! You are ready to use it.