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Your happiness is, in a way, within your control, it has been one of the most important psychological discoveries of the past few decades. According to research, happiness is 50% determined by genetics, 10% based on circumstances and 40% based on our habits. Almost half of our happiness depends on our way of living, our habits.

Is it possible to be happier than we already are?

Yes! These simple questions will help you determine how happy you are and figure out ways to increase your happiness.

1. Are you grateful ?
People who are consistently grateful can experience more optimism, better health, fulfilling experiences, and stronger relationships. Gratitude is what brings happiness in our life. Practice it regularly, this will automatically increase your happiness levels.

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2. Do you set goals for yourself ? 
Accomplishing our goals can help to have a happier life, full of joy. Setting goals is like giving ourselves points in our life, an idea of what we want to be and what we want to do. The subsequent act of then pursuing the goals and making progress on them adds a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, and overall greater life satisfaction.

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3. Is optimism your way of living ?
Being optimistic does not only improve your happiness, it is also a way to feel healthier and can improve your relationships with others. People who are happy most of the time will spread joy to those around them, and are less likely to be affected by negative vibrations.

Practicing gratitude is the easiest way to be more optimistic.

4. Do you know how to use your strengths and to identify them?
A strength is a psychological characteristic that can be tracked over time and across different situations. Using our strengths is key to increase our happiness across many areas of life. Knowing what you are good at is more important than you may have previously realized.
First, acknowledge your strengths, like using self-reflection, and then use them in a new and unique way, this will improve your quality of life and overall life satisfaction.

The happiest people also have certain strengths in common: enthusiasm, hope, love, gratitude, and curiosity. If these strengths don’t currently reside among your top characteristics, you can try to incorporate them into your day-to-day life for a proven happiness boost.