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We all love plants and fruits, thankfully some bright minds have found new ways for them to have a more important place in our every day life.

For all the pineapple lovers, you can now wear clothes and accessories made from you favorite fruit. The Piñatex, or Pineapple leather, is the new 100% vegan and sustainable leather made from the leaves of your favorite fruit.

This new leather is a wonderful alternative for those who do not want to wear animal leather, it is solid and beautiful, and ideal for every nature lover. However, it is complicated to produce this material, but it has no impact on the environment because instead of throwing away the pineapple leaves, we keep them to produce leather for clothes, shoes and accessories. Clothes made from Piñatex look almost exactly like the real leather. This leather is certified 100% vegan and is 100% biodegradable .

Vegetable Ivory, also known as Tagua, is a fruit seed that comes from the Phytelephas Macrocarpa palm tree that grows in the tropical rain forests of South America. Unlike animal ivory, the collection of the Tagua nuts do not involve killing which means no harm to nature as it is harvested once the nuts falls in the grown.

The nut processing includes drying, polishing, cutting or slicing and dye. The drying is natural and can be done outdoors or indoors. The processing is almost 100% handmade making it extremely eco-friendly.

Tagua or Vegetable Ivory has resurged and has become more popular recently as an ethical and sustainable alternative to the sourcing of mammal ivory, from elephants, whales, walrus and other species and offering an attractive economic alternative for Rainforest conservation and more than that, helping families of artisans in South America. Interesting fact: In one year, a single Tagua palm can produce the same amount of "Ivory" as the tusks of a female elephant.

Cork is another 100% sustainable material being used to make an endless array of products, from the traditional to the most innovative and unexpected. Harvested every nine years, without any tree being felled during the process. Made of bark of the cork oak, which means that it is 100% natural plant tissue. It is impermeable, buoyant, elastic and fire resistant properties make it very durable.

The montados (cork oak forests) are an important environmental, social and economic pillar in Mediterranean countries. They support a unique and fragile ecology which constitutes a habitat for rare and endangered species. They are the foundation of one of the 35 most important ecosystems in the world for preserving biodiversity - on par with Amazonia, the African Savanna and Borneo. Over 200 animal species and 135 plant species find ideal conditions for survival in the cork oak forest.

It is estimated that every year cork oak forests retain up to 14 million tons of CO2, a sizable contribution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the main cause of climate change.

These forests are a perfect example of the balance between preserving the environment and sustainable development - just the fact that no tree is felled during the stripping of the cork is a unique case in terms of sustainability.

Having the knowledge it is up to us as conscious consumers to make responsible decisions when we purchase goods for our everyday life. By choosing sustainable eco-friendly materials we are contributing to the longevity and preservation of our planet.