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Baiser Organic Beauty Blog - How to survive Mercury Retrograde

One of the best ways to cope with Mercury Retrograde is to just “go with the flow”. When you fight Mercury retrograde, that’s when life gets really ugly. Just take some time, go slowly, be careful, don’t freak yourself out by expecting to be uber-productive-perfect right now. Be good to yourself and the people around you, now more than ever.

Here's a top list of dos and don'ts that will help you navigate during this 3 week period.


  1. Use the things you’ve discovered in the past to create a dazzling new vision so that you’re ready to blast ahead when Mercury goes direct
  2. Do show compassion and forgiveness towards others.
  3. Practice forgiveness. Finish processing what’s unresolved so you can let it go.
  4. Think of the retrograde as a quarterly review period, a chance to pause and finish what you’ve started.
  5. Plan reunions with old friends & loved ones.


  1. Avoid signing major contracts, leases, house contracts, marriage certificates.
  2. Avoid making major electronic purchases, like computers, TV’s, appliances, cars.
  3. Avoid getting new hair color or major new cuts until this phase passes.
  4. Be sure not to take things too personally. People will often say offensive things they didn’t mean around this time, because their thinking is clouded and their communication skills are on pause!
  5. Don’t purchase any big ticket items, because they will often have flaws or issues that you weren’t aware of! Of course, life doesn’t stop just because of wacky planetary movement, so if you absolutely have to get that car, computer or iPhone, TRIPLE-check all the paperwork, and make sure you have a warranty.