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Make up without chemicals can change your life.

Chemicals and toxins are not just in your food – they are also widely used in your favorite personal care products such as makeup, deodorant, mouthwash, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner.

Our skin absorbs 60% of any topical product we use and more than 10,000 ingredients are allowed for use in our personal care items. Many of these ingredients are hazardous to our health but they are used in everything from makeup to facial moisturizer and nail polish remover! It’s amazing that the average woman wears nearly 515 chemicals a day and will eat nearly 4 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime. Make sure your lipstick does NOT contain lead or any chemicals.

That’s why organic make up is the better.

Organic makeup claims mostly the absence of synthetic dyes, allergens, parabens, preservatives…which makes these products a good alternative for very sensitive skin and all skin types.

Organic makeup keeps the promise of organic: healthy, skin-safe products that let your skin breathe, considerably reducing the risks of allergies. In addition to aesthetics, organic make-up gives pride of place to the care: the natural ingredients used are combined with active benefits for the skin.

Less make up, more natural beauty.

Natural is synonymous with beauty, women all over the world have been wiping off their make-up and choosing to embrace their natural beauty. 

Wearing less makeup and getting people used to seeing you like that is so easy. It’s like weaning someone off caffeine or social media: slow and gradual. This exercise will also give you a boost of confidence.

Start by removing one piece of makeup first, like maybe your eyeshadow, and wearing your face that way for a week. A week is a decent amount of time for people to get used to what your face looks like without eyeshadow.

Then, remove another: maybe the eyebrow fill-in. Let another week go by. Soon, you’ll be down to the bare minimum, and nobody will have noticed that you were doing anything.

Aside form being practical, wearing less makeup would bring tremendous benefits to your skin’s health and to the environment.

Clean beauty helps the environment.

Organic beauty is eco-friendly. Conventional beauty products utilize petroleum-based ingredients and usually rely on a host of other chemicals for their production process. These compounds are typically harsh substances, like petroleum, aluminum, and lead, all of which require extensive mining. Much of this is done in some of the world’s most beautiful and sensitive areas, like the Amazon rainforest, and miles of land are destroyed and stripped of vital wildlife every year. 

Moreover, organic make-up and skincare are more environmentally friendly because not only is the packaging less polluting made with recyclable materials but also, the ingredients are produced from organic farming and undergo no transformation. Most organic beauty brands (like us) make products in small batches with minimum waste and do not test on animals.

Let’s all be more conscious on what we put on our skin and body and choose clean organic products that celebrate our natural beauty and honor the planet we live in.