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Baiser Wellness Blog - The Power Of Manifestation

Everyone has desires and dreams they wish for. Some wishes are common such as money, a love, or simply enough food to feed our family. Others will be more specific such as finding a lost wallet or car keys. Regardless of what the wish is we are all looking for the things that will make our lives better. Some individuals will spend their entire life wishing for their dreams to come true without ever seeing any results, while others (a select few) are able to pull their desires into their reality and manifest them.

Manifestation is a way of working with the Universe, God, or whatever you perceive the force or energy that connects all things to be. Manifestation is a very effective tool when done correctly. Unfortunately, many people think that manifestation is as simple as saying, “Universe, I need $5000 by next week,” and then waiting around for the check to arrive. Needless to say, the results of presenting your desire in this manner will not be very promising.

Creating a vision board is a fun, tangible, and powerful way to say “Yes please!” to the abundance you’d like to receive (and deserve) in your life:

You know how when you get a new car, you see that particular make and model everywhere you go? That’s because you have put your attention on something specific, and are unconsciously scanning the world for items that match it. It’s not that those cars were never there; it’s simply that you never noticed them before.

When you continue to give your attention to the things your want, you attract those things into your life. But be careful! The Universe responds with both the positive and the negative! If you look for reasons to support why you are having a terrible day, you’ll keep attracting annoyances to prove you right! The more you surround yourself with the things you want to experience, the more you’ll actually get to experience those things in your life.

The more aligned you are with your spiritual purpose in life, the more powerfully you can manifest. Also, the more deliberately you deny your spiritual purpose, the more powerfully you can manifest. Denying your spiritual purpose draws energy out of goodness. Aligning with your spiritual purpose nurtures goodness and empowers it in the world. You have the choice of your energy source. To the wise, it only makes sense to manifest with the power of goodness, instead of against the power of goodness, because as you diminish goodness your life grows cold, dark, and empty, no matter what you manifest.


Creating a vision board is a simple and fun activity. We recommend getting together with a few friends or your entire family to have a vision board party.

When you build a vision board with others, you can feed off each other’s ideas and positive energy. It is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening together.

Here are some simple steps to help you create your dream vision board.

Step 1: Connect to your vision

Meditate, daydream, or journal about all the things you want to be, do, or have, and don’t forget to consider the multiple dimensions of your life as well. Imagine your ideal career, relationship, house, car, community, body, and so on. The more specific you can be, the better! You want to be in a good headspace when you sit down to make your vision board, so lighting some candles and playing some good music can also help to set the scene.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

Sometimes it’s fun to flip through magazines and cut out images and words that call to you. If you go this route, take into consideration what kinds of magazines you have laying around. 

Step 3: Display It

Once you’ve made your vision board, it’s important to hang it in view—maybe on the inside of your closet door or on your refrigerator. Don’t feel like you need to stare at it 24/7, but it does need to appear in a place where you will encounter it every day. If you make it and put it under your bed, you’re likely to forget about it. But keep it in your consciousness, and you’re sure to see results much more quickly.

Step 4: Let the Universe Do Its Thing

Once you’ve clarified your vision and made your vision board, your job is simply to look at it often, and trust that the Universe will provide you with the opportunities to manifest each and every thing you truly desire. Hold these images in your awareness on a regular basis, and say “Yes!” when opportunities present themselves to make your dreams come to life.

In fact, it’s recommended that you create a completely new vision board every 6 to 12 months to be sure it’s current, inspiring, and up-to-date with your values and priorities.

finally it is important to remember these seven principles when trying to create a purpose life and manifest our dreams and desires:

The seven principles are:

1. See the universe as an extension of yourself

2. Evolve through the mirror of relationship

3. Understand that intention has infinite organizing power

4. Free yourself from emotional turbulence

5. Harness the masculine and the feminine in your own being

6. Never ignore a coincidence

7. Always stay grounded and centered in yourself.