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When speaking of success many of us look for external accomplishments so that we can feel self-respected, driven by a need to achieve what others will recognize as status symbols. If others are impressed, then we feel we are important. This external focus only reflects an intense fear of failure. We are afraid that if no one is impressed, we are not worthy.

If success is our only ticket to feeling great and with good self esteem, then many of us will never get there. And the few that do achieve it, will always live in fear of loosing it.

Success and prosperity are not measured by a physical manifestation such as money, position, status, etc. A person can thus succeed by winning a moral struggle, even if there are no tangible results. But effort is difficult to quantify, so in our materialistic world we tend to disregard its value. 

You are watching two people compete a 100-meter dash. One runs a world record time of 9.3 seconds. The other crosses the finish line in 30 seconds. Who attained success? The record breaker of course! Except that the one who clocked 30 seconds had developed polio as a child, was unable to walk until he was 14-years-old, and had invested years of painful, grueling exercise until he was finally able to even run the distance.

We can never measure anyone's value based on external success, because we can never know the circumstances he has had to deal with.

Self-esteem comes from knowing you're making the effort to grow. If we're making our best effort, we can live with a deep and abiding sense of satisfaction.

But, more than that, we need to find a shift in our mentality. We need to practice gratefulness, trust and generosity.

It is the only way out of our ego and into the power of the Universe. We wont transform our planet seeking true success by promoting false emotions that vibrate with fear and manipulation. If there is a chance in this world to transform our lives and the lives of others, it is by promoting LOVE.

The powerful combination of thoughts and actions will transform any reality, but we must surrender to divine guidance. This is a very simple method but I can assure you, that if you practice it, not only will you start seeing true success, but you will release any doubts and worries about your journey. 

Just think about this:







Remember the How is not part of your concern, you must learn how to focus your energy in your true desires, not your fears. Help yourself by committing daily to your spirit. Take time to be grateful, to meditate, to breathe fresh air and see how your day by day starts shifting into a powerful and positive reality. True opportunities come from slowing down and embracing stillness and ease no matter the situation. These two are the spiritual keys to success.

In moments of stillness, life begins to flow. We get what we need, learn with ease, and feel more aware of our purpose and connection to the world.

When we practice surrender and still in our minds and bodies, we can truly connect with our spirit. Then, once we establish a spiritual connection we will receive endless blessings and manifest infinite love and abundance.

And so be it.