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We cannot blame others for our personal or global condition. We have to take responsibility of everything that is happening in our reality today and make sure we are being proactive towards a more loving, compassionate state of mind. We are here to create a transformation and evolution in our consciousness. Why we are here, why the world is here, and why we have the political system and leaders that we do—is specifically to achieve change. This is the entire purpose of life. 

So why change seems so difficult? Because ego gets in the way. We have the tendency to become victims of every little situation in our life. We always think it was someone’s fault, and don't recognize the hidden spiritual lesson in each difficult situation we face. The Ego has fooled us into believing that we are victims of outside forces and other people’s actions. He has convinced us that our enemy is some other person instead of our own reactive nature. Most important, it tricks us so that we don’t even recognize our purpose in life. Think about it. How many people do we really know who look inward each day, trying to eradicate their negative reactive traits? Yes, that is the true purpose of our existence. So if we truly want to change this world, we need to heal how we think.

Like waves in the ocean, there is actually nowhere where one of us stops and another one starts. On the physical level, we’re all separate of course. But on the level of consciousness, we are one. This brings the Law of Cause and Effect, a simple law that rules our reality. What that means is that what I do to you I do to myself. With every thought of intention, action and emotion that is transmitted from you, a person sets into motion unseen chain of effects which vibrate from the mental plane thought the entire cellular structure of our body, out into the environment and finally into the Cosmos. Eventually the vibratory energy returns to the original source upon the swing of the pendulum.

The law of cause and effect states that every cause has an effect and every effect becomes the cause of something else. This law suggests that the universe is always in motion and progressed from a chain of events. For example, whoever puts his finger in an electric socket will receive an electric shock, not because he annoyed the electricity within the wires or the electric power company, but because it was a direct result of his carelessness. It is important to note that most of the universal laws known today were discovered not long ago, and even though we know more and we’re more scientifically advanced than ever, it is ironic that we still live in a world of disorder and chaos. Knowing these rules, has no benefit for us and does nothing to improve the condition of our lives. So how do we move forward from here?

With certainty. Certainty is one of the most important terms and concepts. It means that whatever is happening in our life, it is somehow for the best. For whatever reason, this is the exact place we need to be, no matter what. With absolute certainty, we can know the universe is always operating in our best interests no matter how it may appear through our limited perception. Certainty takes tremendous discipline and is one of the most difficult muscles to develop — because doubt is a formidable foe. Doubt shows up as feeling like a victim, feeling out of control, feeling things are random, feeling like we cannot persevere. 

Wondering if things are going to get worse, how we can continue living with devastation happening around us and complaining about it in social media with our friends and family only promotes even more the energy of Chaos. We must realize that the only way to truly find meaning and fulfillment is to look at the disaster, the pain, the difficulty and know with complete certainty that good can come from this. We have to know that the only way to evolve into our best selves is to somehow, in some way, find the Light in the tunnel. 

We tend to be very passive when it comes to doing something about it because we don’t realize that we are one and we are in this together. Now we are faced with a call to action. It is our opportunity to become new, fresh, creative and wake up from the lull of our existence.

Out of the most horrible wars, the most devastating disasters, the worst economic downturns have evolved some of humanities greatest developments. So what are we waiting for? Lets begin a Revolution of Love an Evolution of Thinking. Our planet needs it and we deserve to find true meaning to our experience on earth.