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Baiser Beauty Mother's Day Gift Guide

It’s no secret that we’re all about women here at Baiser. But when May rolls around, it gives us an excuse to be that much more celebratory of the power of women, so in honor of Mother's Day, we’re going to give you the ultimate Mothers Day gift guide for every mom out there. 

Mothers day has a particularly interesting history, originating, like many things, from the Ancient Greeks, in honor of the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. The Mothers Day we know today however, we can thank a long list of women for;(honestly what can't we thank women for?) Ann Reeves Jarvis, daughter-Anna Jarvis, Julia Ward Howe, Juliet Calhoun Blakely, and Mary Towles Sasseen, to name a few. What started out as an Ancient Greek tradition, transcended to a Christian celebration during lent, “Mothering Sunday” as it was originally called, and turned into a national holiday especially thanks to Anna Jarvis.  Conceived as a way of honoring the sacrifices mothers have made for their children, Jarvis organized the first official celebration in May 1908 and Mothers Day was official declared a national holiday in 1914. One hundred and ten years later, Jarvis’ hard work and determination to see the holiday be put on the national calendar, has more than paid off. Though she never married or had children, Anna Jarvis admiration for her mother, and all mothers across the country, pushed her to take a stand against a male dominated society and shed light on the wonders that mothers do every day; a lesson many of us can learn from, and pass down to our future generations. 

For Mothers day this year, spend a little extra time with your mothers, give them a little bit tighter of hug when you greet them and say goodbye, tell them what makes them so special, and if you’re feeling extra thankful, treat them to a special gift from Baiser Beauty. There’s no better way to show your mothers how much they mean to you than with little acts of kindness and giving them a break every once in a while. What more perfect way to pamper the women who mean the most to you than with all-natural, 100% organic ingredients that have been spiritually charged to empower, and inspire? 

For the Zen Mom, our Healing Mist Set, Moonstone Perfume, and Chakra Box are great ways to relax and provide the amazing healing properties of crystals. Our Chakra Box also comes with a beginner guide to chakras, stones, and techniques for your meditation!  

For the Mom That Deserves To Be Pampered, our Rose Healing Soap, Rose Vibrations Collection set, and our new BeautyFesto Oil, create the most luxurious spa session right in the comfort of your own home. Our BeautyFesto Oil launched just in time for Mothers Day, and it makes the perfect gift! Made from seven different flowers including chamomile and ylang-ylang to bring out her feminine power, theres no better way to show your mothers how much the mean to you than with our most luxurious body oil yet. Bonus! Buy the BeautyFesto Book to complete your mothers day gift and give your mothers 21 days of manifesting their most inspiring, empowering, and beautiful selves. 

For the mom who loves to play with her look, the lumineaux, dewy set, and lip balm-plum, are amazing gifts with zero toxins, to bring out her natural beauty. The lip balm doubles as an exfoliator and provides a refreshing plum tint!