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Ella is one of those girls you can’t get enough of, such an inspiration of creativity and determination. This Mexican Mamasita left everything back in Mexico city to pursue her dream.. and as they say if you make it in NY you make it anywhere, so here is your new source of inspiration, #GetInspired with Ella Cepeda.  

Moving to a big city can be very challenging, but moving to New York City is extremely tough specially in the fashion Industry. How did you survive and is there any tricks and tips for all the dreamers out there?

I’ve been in NYC for 3 years now but by year two I really didn’t believe I wasn’t homeless or with out a job. I didn’t have a plan, an apartment or a job when I decided to move, but somehow I figured it all out, I had to. I did things I never thought I would but I think I was able to do them because I trusted myself and made others trust me. Freelance can be very hard but nothing that’s worth is easy. I’ve worked as a wardrobe stylist, casting director; I was in an art gallery, a volunteer for a feminist bookstore and even did a part time job in a restaurant. It’s been definitely harder than what I’ve imagined before moving here, but it always works out in the end. 
I guess the trick is to believe in yourself and being consistent. And the tip would be knowing what you want –if you know, you’re on the other side.

Tell us about what you do and what is the most challenging part of your job.

I’m the Editorial Producer at PAPER magazine and I also do Styling. As a producer I put together the majority of the photoshoots for print and online. That entails booking talent, studios, catering; and also make sure everyone gets paid! Styling is the most fun for me tho. I also just did the casting for Sanchez Kane show during Men’s Fashion Week in NY and I’m extremely happy with the way it turned out.

I think the most challenging part on everything I do is to keep calm, smile and do one thing at a time. There are too many parts, details and people involved in my work so staying focus is key.

Your favorite memory from working on Nylon Magazine in Mexico.

Everything! Honestly. Working there was the best thing that could happen to me. It gave me friends; I met a lot of talented people and was able to give them a platform for their talent. I was able to travel and interview people I admire. It opened the doors to a lot of amazing things. Most importantly I had creative freedom and that to me is worth more than anything!

Top 3 secret spots in Mexico City

Not sure if any are a secret, but I LOVE going to Pulquería Insurgentes for mezcal. I love biking in Reforma on Sunday’s and the food is my favorite. It’s really hard to pick a place but the seafood from El Capricho inside Mercado de San Juan is the best!

We love your style aesthetic, what inspires you?

Movies for the most part. My favorite ones are Romeo and Juliet from Baz Luhrmann and all the Godard movies with Anna Karina. So every time that I’m shopping I’m looking for outfits to look like Romeo or Juliet! Kurt Cobain is also a big influence. Men’s fashion is very inspiring to me, even tho I’m always wearing dresses and skirts.

What is your ultimate natural beauty advice for our readers?

Stop smoking!