Baiser Beauty

Baiser Beauty Interview Series - Get Inspired - Jana Rose Carrero Oj and Cigs Fashion Blogger

We interviewed our very own #BaiserGirls and founders Erika & Maria. Read about how Baiser started, their beauty routines and the philosophy behind the brand.

Tell us about Baiser Beauty. How did you come about and what are the ethics behind the brand?

Erika: We grew up very close to nature, both of us are from very small towns in Latin America and studied in the USA. In a weird good way, we had very similar lives even before we knew each other. I was very inspired by anything spiritual since i was very young, my grandparents were part of the Maya community in my town, they taught me the healing properties of trees and flowers from a very young age and my grandma knew how to translate dreams, tarot cards and so many natural ways to make everything. She was always against  anything that didn’t respect the order of nature, I think that stayed with me forever. Twenty seven years later I meet this girl who basically lived a parallel life with me in so many ways, we connected instantly and right there we knew that we wanted to create something together, especially since we both had a love for art, design, aesthetics, nature and respect for the planet.

Maria: Something was very clear, we both wanted to make a responsible business that could empower, transform and enlighten anyone that could come across the brand. We had a Maya medicine recipe book from Erika’s  grandmother and both of us wear almost zero make up and were grossed out by all the information we had read about chemicals in your body through skincare products and beauty. I also remember talking about how we could change the perception of beauty and empower women all over the globe to accept their own beautiful natural self… I mean, it was kind of obvious we needed to develop a skincare brand and incorporate spiritual healing, our love for design and giving back all in one. And that's how Baiser was born.

How did the name Baiser came about?

Erika: It’s too funny to explain this, I had a spiritual healer/Shaman/Alchemist friend who thought me for 2 years how to formulate and incorporate spiritual healing when creating the products and she was the one that came up with Baiser, which means kiss in french…

Maria: We thought it sounded nice...of course we never thought about name strategies or that spelling would be hard for people to pronounce, we just went with the flow and we finally came to the conclusion that BAISER is meant to be pronounced in any way you feel like, and we seriously love it!

Who is the Baiser Girl?

She is the girl that is awaking to a more conscious state of mind, she wants to respect the planet and all living creatures, including herself. She loves who she is as a unique and imperfect human being and feels a strong connection with nature and spirituality. She is just too cool!

Your guys quit your 9-5 jobs to focus on being full-time creative entrepreneurs. Tell us what was that like. Any advice for young girls that want to start a company?

Every big decision in life is kind of scary, this was! specially living in a foreign country, not having all the money in the world and not knowing anyone in the industry or anywhere (lol). So I guess it takes a little bit of courage to decide you want to start your own company, but in this short period of time we learned that maybe the most important fact to conquer your dreams is not to be afraid of anything even of losing it all, let's rephrase that, don’t let your fears come in between you and your dreams ‘cause it's just a trap made by your own ego that will be playing against your limitless and powerful capabilities of conquering and doing it all.
It's important for girls to remind each other that no matter how you look or where you come from, anything you set your mind to, will happen. Believe us! You just have to go for it and don’t stop till you realize that the only thing you need is to believe in yourself.

What’s your beauty routine like? And what is your ultimate favorite Baiser Product?

Erika: Very simple but very effective: tons of water, Cleansing Oil (which by the way is my fav fav fav product) in the morning and at night  ❤ Also love using the Anti Aging as a moisturizer and the Cucumber Spritz is always on my bag.

Maria: I simply can not live without the Baiser Day & Night Face Essentials and 7-8 hours of sleep at night. Every morning I wash my face with the Oil Cleanser and moisturize with the Anti Aging Serum, then I put some Bronzer (ultimate favorite!) and add a touch Cream Blush Pink for natural highlights.