Baiser Beauty


We had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful soul at her extremely cool office space. She is the curator of culture at The Prism Music Group, and they are revolutionizing the live music scene of Miami. 

Hi Izzy! We know you’ve been a Miami local for a while now. Tell us about your journey and how did you end up in this colorful city?

Although I was born and raised in Atlanta, I’ve considered myself a Miamian for quite sometime now. Originally moved down to attend FIU and stayed because I saw all the opportunity to pioneer and create so I knew this city was a place I was going to grow roots.

So music - Always part of your life? What’s your earliest memory?

Yes music has always been a constant catalyst to inspiration in my life. My earliest memories were jamming out with my dad in his car to the classics, The Eagles, Simon & Garfunkel, and The Beatles to name a few.

The Prism Music Group has been organizing the raddest events around the city. What inspired you to create all these happenings? And what has been your biggest challenge?

First off, thank you, we feel so grateful that people like yourself resonate with the experiences we are creating. The inspiration Pola and I have is stemmed from creating the kind of city we want to live in. We want to attend events that are highly curated, from the sounds and the tastes, to the ambiance and décor. The majority of the programming we do for clients and for our own events has a component of live music. We are such an advocate to the live music scene because they need it. With a shortage of live venues right now, people don’t know how to access it or support it, if you aren’t tapped into. We are all about creating and collaborating with like-minded people who are trying to continually enriching our city with culture, character, and depth.

As a female entrepreneur, what mindful advice can you share with us?

You know what’s funny, I get asked that question quite a bit and I don’t feel that I can adequately answer that because I feel no gender as an entrepreneur. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 23 and I can say that if you command your seat at the table, “lean in”, and master your craft, you will already be in your own lane. I will say, not enough women feel confident enough to dream big. Who says you can’t have a purposeful, lucrative, and inspired life filled with creativity? I evaluate every month if my team and I are doing work that we love, with clients we are passionate about, and leading a life that makes us content. The answer is we always do because we don’t settle for things that don’t. When you live that philosophy religiously, your world is filled with intention, happiness, and fulfillment.

Can you tell us about your daily beauty rituals? Inside and out.

I wish I could say I had more magical routines but my two go-to’s are hot lemon water every morning and coconut oil moisturizer.