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Baiser Beauty Interview Series - Get Inspired - Jana Rose Carrero Oj and Cigs Fashion Blogger

We had the pleasure of interviewing the authentic and down to earth fashion blogger/social media expert Jana Rose.
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Tell us about growing up in Puerto Rico?

Growing up in Puerto Rico was beautiful. You’re constantly surrounded by nature and beauty, even in the capital city of San Juan, where I’m from. Puerto Rico just emanates beauty from sunrise to sunset, from the seashore to the island’s mountainous core, to its miniature islands of Vieques & Culebra, which can only be reached by ferry or small plane. The school I attended (Robinson School) from 3rd grade all the way through senior year was right across the street from the beach, so kids would bring their surfboards to school, and I used to go for a swim on my lunch break. It was awesome.

Favorite spot in Miami?

I have so many! I like spending time in different spots in various neighborhoods for inspiration and to relax, like Art Deco area on South Beach for all the colors and architecture; Lincoln Road, Midtown and Wynwood for people-watching/shopping/food/drinks; Coconut Grove for coffee/brunch; ICA & PAMM for art.

A special piece in your closet that you will never get rid of?

I have a couple of random tees, some that I haven’t used in years, but can’t ever get rid of, due to either sentimental value or because they’re perfectly worn-in and soft. One is this pink little shirt from when I was probably 7years old from the old water park in Puerto Rico that doesn’t exist anymore, Plaza Acuática. It used to be huge on me when I was little, now it’s more like a baby-tee, but I will never get rid of it haha. I have another shirt with a famous 1970s photograph (that has a really interesting backstory) of my favorite salsa singer Hector Lavoe, in which he has a black eye.

What influences your personal style?

My style’s always changing depending on my mood. Sometimes I’ll feel really girly, other days I’ll feel sporty or tomboy, and other days I’ll go more edgy. There isn’t anything I won’t try! I’ll find inspiration through editorials, and a lot on Instagram these days.

The million-dollar question: As a social media expert, how do you manage the creative process for the style stories on your blog?

Usually I pair an outfit or element that I’m feeling at the moment with a cool location so that it all comes together for some compelling visual storytelling. My process is all very organic though, not too planned-out or contrived, and when I write I usually just let the ideas flow at the moment. Sometimes I’ll have a lot to say, other times I prefer to let the photos do the talking.