Baiser Beauty


Miami based founder and creative director Johanne, has empowered and transformed the #girlboss game in the city. Read the interview and learn how she creates out of love.    

Tell us about your amazing agency, and why the name Cool.

COOL is really an acronym for Create Out Of Love because everything we do comes from the heart and we don't treat our clients like transactions. We partner with them to help them build their brands. My husband and I started the company over 5 years ago. We met in art school and fell instantly in love. I guess the name also speaks to the love we have for each other. 

How do you manage to have it all, a great business, an amazing family, a spiritual balanced life and even giving back to your community?

I think we all have a choice to create space for the things we want in our lives. It's about choices and being mindful about where I INVEST my time. Generally speaking I'm not the most organized and/or disciplined person, but I live my life choice by choice. I don't always get it right, but I'm happy. The best practical counsel I can give is to start with a clear vision on how you want your life to be. Then attach specific actions and activities that you are involved in that support your vision. Try and stick to the plan/vision as much as possible and revisit the plan monthly to adjust and check in. The other things is that my faith comes first. If that isn't right then the rest will fall apart. So what does that look like on a daily basis? I wake up and spend time talking to my maker... I pray. This centers me and prepares me for the challenges that everyday WILL bring. It helps to shift my perspective and see things with the lenses of love.

How have the cities you've lived and worked in influenced your design and aesthetic?

New York has definitely shaped my aesthetic. Even now as I live in Miami, I still reference New York. It's about the chaos and structure of it. It's fast and full of energy. The scale of the overall paired with the tiny size of things (like the apartments) is so interesting... I see design tension in that... I see contrast. My design style is all about the relationship and tension of elements. I love pairing giant letterforms with small body copy. I love angles and dynamic composition. I love photos with the full scale of values and video with depth. 

How does your business and services influence the small business community in Miami?

I always say and think... if you act and think like a small business you will always be small. I've worked with the largest Fortune 500 companies including P&G Beauty, Under Armor, Boston Market to name a few... and I enjoy bringing that same expertise when I work on small & start up brands.

You have amazing skin ❤  Can you tell is any natural beauty secrets you have?

I love castor oil. I use it on my skin and hair (it helps to grow hair). I also recently changed my facial cleansing regimen to an oil cleansing method. Once a week I exfoliate with a fine exfoliator. I don't drink much water as I should, but thankfully I've managed to keep my skin clear. My skin looks best the morning after I wash my hair so I've been experimenting with washing my face with a clarifying shampoo. Weird, but I'll try anything!