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Baiser Beauty Get Inspired Interview Series featuring women

Once you meet her you won't be able to get over her, she is the most genuine human being, with such a great heart and a soft way of looking at life. Stylist by day and astrologist by night, meet the whimsical fairy made human, Lindsey our Astrology contributor.
Welcome to the Baiser fam mystic babe!

Describe your typical day at work…

When I first get in to the office, I’ll open up the blinds letting the natural light in (not a fan of florescent lighting) and get myself a glass of water. Then I’ll run through my emails, check the astrological transits, and look over everyone’s tasks for the day. I’ll usually check in with our graphic designer, financial analyst, and computer programmer on the current going on’s and then get to whatever I’m working on for the day, usually that involves editing Gantt charts, selecting photos, doing research, or finding inspirations for a particular project.

We know you work as a stylist on the side, how has this transformed your personal style?

I think my style has transformed along with my inner growth over the years and now recently turning 30, maybe I have decided to edit my wardrobe a bit more. I think an element of quirk and refinement has always been my deal and I’m feeling comfortable not trying to be “ON” all the time. Because I’m always looking for inspiration for myself and clients, it also keeps me involved in societal change, where otherwise I might lack in areas like politics and pop culture.

Tell us about your background with energy and consciousness and what brought you to this current astrology vibe moment.

Think I was a strange kid and that I wanted to explore these topics, but never felt like I had permission to do so publicly.  I use to give special meaning to natural forms and meditate before I knew what it was. But then about 3 years ago, a shift occurred. I went on several crazy adventures, moved away from Miami, lived and worked on two organic farms, went on a long road trip through the desert, moved back to Miami, found Kundalini yoga, let go of some baggage. I think all the best things find you and that YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER TO ASK FOR HELP! When I started asking for help from God, Morrigan, guides, ancestors, or whoever that greater source is, I started to find truth and I guess my truth is Astrology and weird metaphysical experiences. These experiences have thus far found me through a farmer, a yoga instructor, a doctor, ravens, bees, books and many synchronistic moments.

How does Astrology help our daily lives?

 We are insanely influenced by the planets and celestial bodies. You can observe much of this easily via the moon and suns effect on our planet. The sun Is the most obvious, we feel its warmth, we watch plants grow, and the moon as we know controls the tides. Phytoplankton is richest in the ocean at the full moon and women’s menstrual cycles also follow the cycle of the moon. There are sooo many invisible factors that control our daily lives. For thousands of years humans studied the sky using the empirical data to plant crops, and navigated the seas all from the alignment of the stars. Now with the advent of modern science in the past few centuries, we have given credibility to Astronomy but taken it away from the science of Astrology. I think we can be forward thinking yet still pay homage to ideas that served humans well throughout the ages. We can most easily use Astrology in our daily lives by observing the cycles of the moon when it transitions signs every 2.5 days and we can feel those changes on an emotional and physical level. You can download the time passages app for easy access to the cycles of the moon.

Is there any tip on how to Live the Full moon at its best?

Since we have this full Moon in Aries on the 5th in the month of Libra, we have an interesting dynamic occurring. On the zodiac wheel Libra symbolizing "others and collaboration" opposes Aries which symbolizes the "self and beginnings". I think because we as humans have a difficult time comprehending paradoxes this could be a great exercise in exploring the dichotomy between your individuality and your place within a group. We are able to know our selves better through the perceptions of others. For example, this might involve creating a piece of art and then selling it at a charity event later this month, or getting involved in a Capoeira dance circle where you are allowed to have your moment of glory within the group.

What is your favorite Baiser product and why?

Hmmm… I have a tie between the Pink Cream Blush and Sun tan oil. Those were the first two products I purchased and are still my favorite. I use the cream blush also as a lip balm and the sun tan oil as a hair oil. Also I’m almost out so I need to give my containers back for a refill.😊