Make your own Smudge Stick ceremony


A smudging ceremony is the ritual of burning plant resins and herbs while intentions and prayers are called forth. For centuries Indigenous cultures have practiced smudging rituals. It clears away negative energy, promotes peace and harmony for ourselves and the energy around us. The smoke from the herbs and the plant resins are directed with the hands to activate the spiritual cleansing and release all the magical properties it provides.

Making this smudge will be a fun ritual to create with yourself or with friends, it is a beautiful way to tap into your inner healer powers and set intention to transform the energy and vibrate higher. Let your intuition guide you and feel free to customize this recipe with any herb or flower that calls your attention. Enjoy!

Supplies needed:

  • Cotton thread

  • Fresh sage

  • Fresh Roses

  • Fresh Sea Lavender

  • Fresh Rosemary

Step 1

Gather your ingredients and supplies and create a small bouquet with your herbs and flowers.

Step 2

Layer your ingredients, positioning the bases of the largest leaves (or stemmed herbs) at the same level as one another. This makes the binding process a bit easier

Step 3

Cut a piece of twine (or 100% cotton thread) that is 4 times the length of your bundle. Make a simple knot on one end of the string and tighten it around the stems, binding the bundle together. 

Step 4

With the long end of the string, begin to wrap the bundle tightly, spiraling up towards the top of the bundle. Fold in any stray sprigs, tucking them under the string as you go. Once you reach the top of the bundle continue wrapping, crisscrossing the twine as you head back down toward the base.

Step 5 

Create an intention with your smudge stick and place your hands to empower that energy into the smudge.

Step 6

Let it dry for up to 3 weeks. When ready, light the ends and enjoy the calming  cleansing properties. 

Baiser Beauty