• The Month of May gives us the opportunity to go within and reflect on our life. It will make us think about who we are, what is our soul purpose? How are we getting there? What needs to change in order to achieve our best self?

  • We cannot longer swipe under the carpet our true feelings and desires. We cannot hide our ego, our sense of responsibility is empowered.

  • May will show us how important is to be truthful to our soul. Now is the time to be congruent with our thoughts and actions.

  • Although this month is less chaotic than April, May will be a great teacher that will allow us to break free from old patterns and dive into new transformational ways. 

  • See every experience as a beautiful opportunity to grow instead of resisting it. 

  • This month will also allow us to become more aware of others with compassion instead of judgement. Tap into this available energy by practicing that compassion within yourself and your community. 

  • Spiritual awareness will definitely bring you closer to spirit and let you know where you are lacking in your practices, faith, or integrity, and allow you to see clearly how to move forward.

  •  Awareness requires presence, and presence is the point of power. You cannot change anything unless you are first fully aware of it. 

  • The expansion and creativity will flow this month, take advantage of this current and flow with your true divine self.

    Life is perfect! Happy Awareness Month! see you in June. 


What’s vibrating this month