•  This month the universe opens the opportunity to shift the cycle of feeling victimized and imprisoned by our story and to put into action our dreams for a better future. 

  • October is a month to release the old and re write the new. It is about releasing any attachment to suffering, feeling victimized and stock and resetting the patterns to begin manifesting a new dream and living a new abundant life. 

  • It is important to remember that attachment to the comfort zone, no matter how unsatisfying it is, can be an enormous challenge to overcome for all of us. The old idea of feeling incapable of transforming our life for the better and elevating the vibration as a collective to save our planet, feels sometimes impossible but is not. Our story and our power is the product of a set of rules, some conscious and some unconscious. In order to transform our story and gain back our infinite power, we need to change and rewrite our rules. 

  • If we are to change the global story we have to change our personal stories first. To start the inner transformation, begin by thinking of all the habits and patterns that no longer serve your highest purpose, take one pattern or habit that is manageable and work with it until it shifts.

  • We collectively co create our reality and experience on earth. And collectively we can manage to shift the vision of how we live, interact and evolve. Through gratitude instead of fear we can realign and re write the story of our existence. Changing your story is changing our relationship with our environment and changing our relationship with the past as well as the future. Transforming our story requires discipline, action, commitment and the support of others.

  • The more we commit to transforming the way we flow in life, the more we will affect the whole as we are all connected. This is our service to existence and to our planet. 


What’s vibrating this month