• This month is about looking forward at how you can be flexible and creative, instead of going back to what you are losing due to change and unexpected circumstances.

  • When change occurs and situations are not what you expected, there is always opportunity to evolve in a positive way, to expand your perception of what is possible and to think outside the box. This requires a willingness to adapt, receptivity to something new, and trust that all is moving in the direction of positive personal evolution. The more optimistic and proactive you can be during the process, the better the outcome.

  • This month we will quickly learn that focusing on the past and holding on to our attachments is a waste of time. Change is unavoidable and the best preparation is to be fully adaptable to what is coming.

  • We as humans are way more resilient and adaptable than we believe ourselves to be. It is the attachment to our external support systems and comfort that has us convinced that we cannot live without certain things. 

  • What is coming is a mystery and the mystery can be either frightening and stress producing, or exciting and inspiring in the anticipation of something new. It takes courage and letting go of your comfort zone to take advantage of the adventure of what change can bring into your life. 

  • Letting go of how you imagine changes in your life happening is key for the flexibility required for adapting positively to what is coming. Be excited instead of fearful. Adapting is to allow emotional fluidity to dictate the organic flow of synchronicity, connection and magnetism. Mental obsession in any relationship is not useful and will only create emotional stress.

  • Every challenging situation is a chance to make a change proactively. Don’t take things personally but at the same time if there is an opportunity to look deeper at what you may need to accept or change about yourself, take it.

  • There are two main challenges this month: fear of change or confusion of the uncertain and discomfort when adapting to the new. Tune into your true dreams and desires of your soul to focus on what matters and trust that the Universe will provide for anything you need to make things happen and to dissolve discomfort. Remember that is guided and part of your preparation to manifest fully your true desires. Enjoy the ride, the adventure and growing and evolving into your best version.

It is a month of adapting, transformation, evolution and transition. Keep your vibration as high as you can and navigate it well.


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