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When you think about breaking into the world of fashion journalism, Olivia has done it like a champ. From Nylon to Vans and now being the editor-in-chief of her own magazine.

After being an Influencer, Writer, Beauty Editor, teacher - just to name a few- can you give us a brief bio on how MEOW mag was born?

Meow Mag was born as a school project. I studied Fashion Design and I have always been in love with fashion and magazines. My main goal was to make one but it took me almost 3 years to create it. First, when I entered college I began an internship at NYLON México, this was a key factor to discover my passion about fashion writing. Then I began to collaborate with other media and friends. When I was on my last semester, I created MEOW mag, the magazine that I will always love to read. I made a printed dummy and launched the website. Since then it has been a lot of changes that have structured MEOW the way it is now. 

What was your  inspiration behind choosing the name MEOW?

It has a personal and ambitious background. I love cats, I used to have them at home and for some weird reason I have always said "meow" when I was playing with my friends, I don't know why, and it stuck with me until now. Is part of my personality I guess. Also I wanted to have a name that would be recognizable in other countries; like a MEOW Mag around the globe. It's an onomatopoeia, easy to pronounce in many languages. 

What is a day like in the MEOW HQ?

Days at MEOW Mag HQ may be very unpredictable. But usually it may be like this: go to a press presentations in the morning, come back to the office, have tea or coffee, then a couple of meetings, a lot of writing on the computer and making DIY compositions on Instagram. Very close to our office there's a delicious place called Farmacia Internacional and they serve the best dishes ever. When my dog Ponyo comes along, he plays with the neighbors in the building and with the people and friends that come by to say hello :)

Baiser Beauty Get Inspired - Olivia Meza Meow Mag
Baiser Beauty Get Inspired - Olivia Meza Meow Mag
Baiser Beauty Get Inspired - Olivia Meza Meow Mag

You’ve basically conquered the fashion and Beauty scene in Mexico and earned the title of CEO and owner of one of the coolest Mexican magazines, what do you know now that you wish you would have known when you first started your journey?

Well, first of all thank you! I don't know if there's anything I would have liked to know first because then Meow would not be the same as now, and the way I am now. I believe that if you're not learning anything then you're not living to the fullest. 

What is the last book you read and loved?

Los Detectives Salvajes from Roberto Bolaño, a classic and contemporary novel based in Mexico City written by a Chilean author. I love how it describes every place they go in the city, many of them very near our office. Very pleasant reading!

What is your favorite natural beauty tip?

I love to make homemade face masks, exfoliants and that stuff. One of my favorites is to put honey on the face and rinse with mild water.