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Baiser Beauty is you. It is me. Beauty is honoring the light that shines within. Our movement is to empower others to embrace their natural essence. The real beauty secret lies in your unique nature. Our purpose is to create and harmonize a flow between the physical and spiritual world. While honoring our ancestors and our Mayan heritage we focus on healing with stones and aromatherapy to nourish the skin. Our holistic health regimen is rooted from the truth. The truth is we are all a part of a whole. From every plant to every soul, we are connected. Incorporating Mayan Medicine is a way we respect nature and connect with the rest of the planet. 


We Love you more. We believe in more. We love you through it all.
Your dream is our dream.When we empower you,
we empower ourselves.


Love is the reason we wake up every morning. Love is at the core of everything we do.  Love You More is a movement dedicated to each and every one of you. It is from our hearts and what brings us the most joy. We support organizations in need, donate to foundations, and sponsor girls. Every month, we select a powerful woman and assist her in building her dream.

Foundations we are involved with

Casita Corazon | Pridelines | Lotus House | Miami Rescue Mission | Birthright Lake
National Voices for Equality | Clifton Animal Shelter | Florida Breast Cancer Foundation


Want to be part of our conscious movement?