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We had the pleasure of meeting Rachel a few months back at @westcoastcraft and we instantly fell in love with her sweet personality and fun style. This blue eye babe is the E-commerce Manager for @shopbando which is not only one of our favorite brands of all time, but also she is a true #WomanCrush that we know you will love…Get Inspired! 

What does your role as E-commerce merchandise manager entail?

The role I play at is super dynamic, in the best way. I get to build out our product assortments on around themes. The themes are originally created from our art and product design team at and really begin with our own line. I look at the themes by month and curate an assortment with and third party products. I love this process because it’s super fun to search for new vendors and products and feels so rewarding when an assortment is really impactful. I’m also a huge nerd and love to project sales and analyze stock levels so I can make sure I hit my revenue and margin goals. After we’ve chosen our assortment, I really get to dive in and strategize how we are going to sell these products. Luckily, I work with great designers and an innovative team so the sky is really the limit when it comes to new content for!

You’ve worked with some major companies, any fun story about your buying adventures?

Sooo many funny stories, I’ve bought some crazy categories from prom dresses, to men’s dress shirts, to holiday ornaments. I worked really hard to get accepted into Macy’s Executive Development Program for buying and planning. After you complete your 6-week training, you get assigned to an area for your full time position. I ended up getting placed in “moderate sheets”, which meant mid to low priced sheets for your bed (sounds boring, right?). My boss decided to rename our category “fashion sheets” and we had the best time making sheets cool and educating our customer about them, now I’m the biggest bedding snob and could give you some great advice about what kind of sheets to buy (hint: fabric is more important than thread count!).

Baiser Beauty Get Inspired Rachel Gannon Ban.Do
Baiser Beauty Get Inspired Rachel Gannon Ban.Do
Baiser Beauty Get Inspired Rachel Gannon Ban.Do

What's a day like for you at the Bando Penthouse

No day here is ever the same! There’s always something going on, whether we’re celebrating a launch on our website or drinking margs for cinco de mayo. Although it may sound like a party all the time, everyone here is so passionate and works really hard to achieve our goals, it’s pretty incredible. I have a team of two and we spend most of the day giggling and listening to music, while managing the website, building assortments, and strategizing for what’s ahead.

What advice would you give to someone trying to land a merchandising/buying job?

It’s so important to be quick on your toes and reactive. We look at selling everyday and make changes to our website based on the way our customers are shopping (isn’t e-commerce the best?!). You also have to be a creative problem solver, we run into road blocks constantly, but we find solutions and get through it the best we can.

Any natural beauty secrets?

Coconut oil for ALL your beauty needs- moisturizer, cleanser, make up remover, lotion AND hair mask. It’s cheap and it smells delicious.