Deeply Brightening Face Oil

Deeply Brightening Face Oil


Organic . Vegan . Cruelty Free Certified . Handcrafted

1 oz

This soft and ultra-smooth anti anxiety face oil is formulated with cannabis sativa hemp seed oil, cannabinoid and Cilantro. High in vitamin A, C and E. Stimulates the cells responsible for producing the tissue that keeps the skin firm and healthy and provides a sense of deep relaxation.


Meadowfoam seed oil
Sweet almond oil
Cannabis sativa seed oil
Copaiba essential oil
Cilantro essential oil
Lemon leaf extract.

How to Apply
Warm a few drops into your hands and lovingly, with intention apply onto face, neck or any desired area. Press the oil into your skin. Can be used morning or evening.

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Customer Reviews

Rating: ★★★★★
Review: I bought this oil on Saturday at an event, at first i just bought it cause it caught my attention that it had anti anxiety properties, i suffer from anxiety and boy did i got my self the best present i could ever imagine. At night it really relaxes me to sleep and i feel how powerful the oils are, my skin feels very silky and happy. I will definitely purchase this oil again.

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