Healing Mist Box

Healing Mist Box


Organic . Vegan . Cruelty Free Certified. Handcrafted

Limited Edition Vibrations Collection
A set of our vibrations collection Healing Mist that combines the aromatherapy of essentials oils with the powerful vibrations of quartz. 

The cells in our bodies and quartz crystals are both made up of silicon dioxide. Making us naturally receptive to their vibrations as they transmit, reflect, store light and receive energy. 
Combining the quartz with aromatherapy the healing benefits are magic!

1 Rose Healing Mist 2 oz
1 Lavender Healing Mist 2 oz
1 Eucalyptus Healing Mist 2 oz

How to Apply
The healing mist that can be used on the body, room and fabrics. Can also be used as a face toner. All include a quartz inside.

Healing Properties
Eucalyptus : Cleanses the crown chakra (above the head) and aligns all chakras. Protects the aura. Brings mental clarity, communication and clear thinking. Helps you walk your truth. Boost immunity and relieves anxiety.
Rose : Cleanses and aligns the heart Chakra. Carries love, faith and hope vibrations. Purifies the energy. Heals – both physically and emotionally. Relieves anxiety and stress. Acts as an antidepressant. Boosts confidence. Improves your skin complexion.
Lavender : Cleanses and aligns the third eye chakra. Protects from negative energy and transforms it into positive energy. Calms and relieves stress. Brings good luck and prosperity. Acts as an emotional healer. Balances the nervous system. Revitalizes the mind, body and spirit.

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