Formula N°9 Moonstone Perfume

Formula N°9 Moonstone Perfume


Organic . Vegan . Cruelty Free Certified. Handcrafted

10 ml

Designed specially for woman, this aphrodisiac formula increases sensuality, repels bad energy, acts as an anti depressant and elevates the low frequencies in your body, leading to a state of total plenitude and inner peace. Can be used to meditate. Cleanses and aligns the second and crown chakra. 

Includes a rose quartz inside that helps you get to know your true self and to love that true self in all its beauty. Balances emotions, opens up the heart for both giving and receiving love, and carries a feminine energy of compassion and nourishment.


Neroli essential oil
Jasmine blend
Rose essential oil
Jojoba oil
Rose quartz

How to Apply

Roll onto the pulse points of your body. Always apply after body moisturizer for longer lasting results.

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