Formula N°16 Third Eye Roll On

Formula N°16 Third Eye Roll On


Organic . Vegan . Cruelty Free Certified . Handcrafted

10 ml

A depuffing revitalizing eye serum, high in antioxidants that promotes tissue regeneration, improves skin circulation, hydrates and soothes the skin with anti aging properties. Includes a blue sodalite quartz inside that absorbs, cleanses and neutralizes all the negative energies within the body and opens the third eye.


Lavender essential oil
German Chamomile essential oil
Roman Chamomile essential oil
Cypress essential oil
Jojoba oil
Blue sodalite quartz

How to Apply

Gently roll under each eye from inner corner to outer corner in circular motion and smooth in any excess until absorbed. Use on the forehead, between the eyebrows to open third eye. For better depuffing results apply in the morning, and to open third eye apply at night.

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Customer Reviews

Sarah Raleigh
Rating: ★★★★★
Review: it smells sooo good!!!! i love rolling this just before going to bes!

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