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Sophie Zembra owner of Antidote store in Wynwood Miami interview by Baiser Beauty

Meet Sophie the brains and beauty behind Antidote, a sustainable fashion store in the heart of Wynwood that is showing women the importance of being a conscious consumer. Read on to get inspired by Sophie's story.

You are definitely leaving a mark in the city of Miami having created a Sustainable fashion store with exquisite style. What pushed you to go in this direction and take on the challenge of showing women that fashion can be ethical and beautiful at the same time?

I was never thinking to work in Fashion but while I was working shortly for the home textile industry I visit a factory in China and India and saw the bad effect of the pollution on the river, and the bad working conditions. It was a shock and at the same time a revelation because I was never thinking about the behind the scenes of this complex industry. That was when I started to personally change my mind and my vision of the world.

It was a long process, I’ve start to work on ethical fashion 6 years ago in Paris by being more into certification and activism because I wasn’t from the Fashion world and it took time for me to understand how the industry works, I created a marketplace entirely dedicated to ethical activewear and basics, that was my first step in ethical fashion. Year after year the proposition of designer have change a lot and after 5 years I was bored and missing the creative part: That’s why I create ANTIDOTE a place where I can curate and show all the creativity and talent we have in Ethical fashion and break the cliché.

How do you incorporate sustainability into your day to day life?

For me sustainability doesn’t have to be an effort, I incorporate it in my daily life organically without thinking about: I recycle, I never throw trash in nature (And i really don’t understand how people can do that), I reduce the use of plastic as much possible, I try to buy only what I really need, I wear only sunblock that doesn’t affect the ocean… I don’t do crazy things but I just try to have a balance between sustainability and urban life.

Sophie Zembra owner of Antidote store in Wynwood Miami interview by Baiser Beauty
Sophie Zembra owner of Antidote store in Wynwood Miami interview by Baiser Beauty
Sophie Zembra owner of Antidote store in Wynwood Miami interview by Baiser Beauty

You started an entrepreneurial path at a young age, from a stained glass company, to an eco-friendly activewear line, to opening Antidote. What have kept you going all these years to continue to pursue your dreams?

I’m a dreamer, and when I have a goal I find the strategy to get there (I find funding, partner, the best team…) I love this sentence from Cervantes “If one door is closed, the other one is open”. I’ve started my first company at 18 years and I’ve done lot of thing different: Stained glass, crepes store, decoration, ethical fashion, and lot of other projects that failed. But for each one I trust in my project so crazy and I give everything for it. Being an entrepreneur is an human adventure and my team helps me and gives me the force each day to pursue my dream.

How do you feed your creativity, what inspires you everyday?

I find inspiration everywhere, on everything: driving in Miami inspires me a lot !!! I love the color, I love the mix of culture. And of course Instagram is also a large source of inspiration !!!

They say French girls have beautiful skin...and it’s true! Can you share with us some of your beauty secrets?

First : A french girl never tells her beauty secret (for real) !!! But I can do an exception LOL.

I’m a lazy person for beauty I only use basic: serum + daily cream, and I love to use after sun after a long day at the beach.