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Exploring the interesting stories of successful woman we encountered the magical work of jewelry designer, Tiffany Dominguez.  Her company is entirely run by women #GirlPower, which made us fall in love even more, her pieces are all handcrafted and under $100 (OMG!), without excluding the love and attention to detail that her and her team put into every corner of the taudrey showroom. Today we take you all the way to Coral Gables, where this inspiring designer has her creative sanctuary. 

How did your love for jewelry start and when did you decide this was it?

I’ve always loved accessorizing. Even as a young girl, I would layer my jewelry and steal (borrow!) from my mom’s jewelry case. With a love for pretties, I started making simple pieces as a hobby in college, right in my bedroom. Soon, my friends and family started placing orders with me and encouraging me to sell to others. And once my bedroom evolved into a tiny jewelry workshop, I launched

What inspires you and how is your design process when creating a collection?

I’m largely inspired by life moments and the stories of all the special people I meet. My aim from the start was to create jewelry with meaning and allow women opportunities to wear pretty pieces that are personalized to note significance-- through initials, names, dates, coordinates, quotes, symbols, etc.
I love the idea that your personal story can be carried with you throughout the day through subtle style. When creating new collections, we study trends and work to accommodate them to fit our delicate style, as well as find ways to personalize and layer. And as trends come and go, we stick true to dainty, feminine pieces that are as timeless as the darlings who wear them.

Tell us about your studio space and your amazing team of girls.

We call the taudrey showroom “The Jewelry Box.” The small space is our personalized-pretties oasis, where we (the #taudsquad) design, manufacture and display our jewelry pieces. Within the gold-chevron-painted and brightly decorated space, we also consume a whole lot of coffee, enjoy confetti and DIY projects, and frequently host our #taudreygirls, all while taking care of our serious taudrey business. We designed the space to feel like a girlfriend’s closet. Where women would feel comfortable to try on pieces and hang out. I’m lucky enough to be able to hang at “The Box” each day with my core group, three women that help me to realize my ideas and dreams. We laugh constantly and love like family. Everyone is oh-so dedicated to this mini empire and enjoys the work. And trust me, we work hard! It’s not (all!) glitter and gold charms. But even on late nights, a frown is never spotted, and in my opinion, that’s the ultimate goal!.

Baiser Beauty Get Inspired Interview Series - Taudrey Jewerly
Baiser Beauty Get Inspired Interview Series - Taudrey Jewerly

Describe your first years in business, how did you manage to make it through and how your dream become your full time job?

In was in 2009 when I took a leap of faith and incorporated taudrey and launched During my first years, it was rather difficult to establish awareness and differentiate taudrey in the vast ocean that is women’s accessories. But through genuine story telling, and a lot of leg work, we grew steadily. However, we continue to set new goals and are always aiming to further brand awareness. And unfortunately, it never gets easier, especially with the ever-evolving realm of social media. But I think what sets entrepreneurs apart is hustle and we’ve got plenty! I’ve been lucky enough to have made my passion my paycheck but the real dream is making pretties with meaning and working with lovely ladies that interrupt work days with laughter.

We notice how glowing your skin is, do you have any natural beauty advice or secret you would like to share with our readers?

Well geez, thanks! A consistent beauty regimen is key for me. I never go to sleep with makeup on (well, maybe sometimes!) and try to do facial masks at least twice a month…usually while binge watching my favorite shows. I also strongly believe that diet is directly related to skin. Every now and then, when I can muster up the strength, I’ll do a juice cleanse. And I always notice a difference in my skin immediately.