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Baiser Beauty Interview Series - Get Inspired - Yesi Flores simplylively

The talented pink hair beauty Yesi, has managed to transform her photography dreams into a career. Read her story in this inspiring interview.

How did you decided you wanted to pursue photography as a career?

I was working two full time jobs. A 9-5 job and doing photography after I clocked out and on the weekends. It got to a point where I couldn't put 100% to either one, and didn't have much time for myself either. After a lot of going back and forth, 12 hour work days, lots of sweat and some tears, it was time to choose one. My amazing husband was there to support and encourage my decision to pursue my photography career. It was a very scary and a difficult decision to make, but he and I both knew that I wouldn't be able to live with the "what ifs." So I did it!

What does it take to do what you love and live from it?

I can't tell you how much work it takes. I worked non stop while I had two jobs. I knew one day I wanted to do just photography, but to do that, I needed to set up some clients, try and get my name out there, and meet other creatives in my area. During that time, I set up as many photo shoots as I could, paid and not paid. I took opportunities that would further me in my career, and said no to those that wouldn't inspire me or make me a better fashion photographer.  Once I let go of my 9-5, I didn't have a set income coming, but I had a few clients, had already discovered what type of photography I wanted to do, and was ready to get to work.  It's been 6 months since I started freelancing, and It's actually one of the best decisions I've ever made. In conclusion, it takes a lot of work, it takes putting yourself out there, not giving up, and having a good support system encouraging you along the way. 

What’s the inspiration behind your style of photography?

I am mostly inspired by the 60's, 70's, and 90's, simplicity and minimalism, and natural light. Also, visiting different states/countries really inspires me because the landscape and light are so different. In Miami, pastel colors and deco buildings make me really really happy haha.

Describe a typical day in your life.

Freelancing is pretty crazy because there really isn't typical days. Every day is so different! If I don't have a shoot, I usually wake up, make the bed, get dressed in semi-work clothes, and answer emails, edit some photos, take a break, eat, watch some TV, and then work again at night. If I have a photo shoot, I run out of the house, grab some coffee on the go, shoot, and get back home to answer emails. There are weeks when you don't have any days off, and then there are weeks that you might have three straight days with nothing to do. Very unpredictable!

Any natural beauty secret?

I'm not a big makeup person, I actually only wear mascara and possibly some eye-liner. However, I've been starting to take care of my hair. I don't wash my hair with shampoo everyday and use coconut oil once a week. After so much hair treatments, it is good to keep it natural and not add any more chemicals to it.